Frequently Asked Questions

- What is Ada di Igbo nma all about?
Ada di Igbo nma is an intellectual pageantry for daughters of Igbo land aimed at showcasing our great cultural heritage, and projecting the Igbo womanhood and their can do spirit.

- Who is it for?
Every Igbo speaking daughters of Igbo land living anywhere in the world.

- How can I participate?
The pageantry will hold regional audition where successful finalist will be selected. Get to application details click here

- Is their age/restriction?
The pageant is open for ladies aged 18-27 as at the year of the finals. Married and non- Igbo speaking are restricted. Irrespective of color, race, religion, or political affiliation, one is eligible to contest in as much as you meet the competition set down criteria as listed in the application form.

- What is the organizers looking for from a contestant?
Confidence, elegance, poise, intelligence. A bigger picture of your society fused with the Igbo dream. Good knowledge of our customs and tradition and an influencer mentality.

- What and how can I do to best be prepared?
Harness your qualities, develop your womanly and motherly skills know the folklore and history of the Igbo tradition. Learn the custom, delicacies, norms, and general societal values. Suggested read: things fall apart, Nnoo (welcome to Enugu).

- What are the likely things on Igbo culture that I will encounter as a contestant?
Traditions, ceremonies, religion, villages, Igbo folklore, food and recipes, kola nut significances, festivals and masquerades, Igbo idioms and proverbs etc.

- What role or function will the winner play afterwards?
The winner will be the face of the Igbo nation for the period of her reign and as such will work to project and promote the Igbo cause. Work with the organizers at worthy causes that will include women development and empowerment, maternal mortality, children and family oriented project, Igbo cultural values and others.

- What is the prize for the overall winner?
Each pageant has it overall prize and range of reward system. The reward system will vary on a year to year basis, but for the 2017 edition winner will go home with a brand new car and a sponsorship package. More prizes will be announced as the programme details unfold.

- How many contestants will be at the finals?
The projected contestants at the final are between 15-20 contestants. For the city auditions participation is open and at the end 4-5 ladies will be selected per city audition to participate in the finals.

- Can I contest in multiple city auditions?
Yes, as far as you meet the entry requirement and present yourself for audition at the date and venue of the audition.

- How much do I have to pay to buy a contestant form?
The form is FREE!