The final Contestants

The Ada di ora mma projects aims to empower the Igbo family through women. This project will help to develop the confidence women need to influence the society. Ada di ora nma will equip our women into self-belief, nurture their motherly instinct and help preserve our Igbo culture.

This pageant seeks to digress from the usual norm that only certain women with a pre-set physical features qualify to be referred to as ‘fit for pageant’. Hence the pageant is based on INTELLIGENCE, DIGNITY, POISE and KNOWLEDGE of the Igbo cultural heritage, norms and customs.

The pageant seeks to digress from the Igbo way of life and the bastion rests of the mothers to preserve that. The organization and structure outlay for ‘Ada di ora mma’ projects is hinged on equal opportunity, transparency and professionalism.

We promise to uphold the dignity of womanhood, educate and highlight ills against women, project the values of the Igbo culture and promote societal values and morals.

  • Contestant 16Contestant 16
    Talents : Acting,Brand ambassador
  • Contestant 15Contestant 15
  • Contestant 14Contestant 14
  • Contestant 13Contestant 13
  • Contestant 12Contestant 12
  • Contestant 11Contestant 11