The Auditions

Auditioning for contestants in the Ada Di Igbo Nma pageant will be held in 5 cities across the nation. The venues,dates and time will be made known on all our social media platforms as well as the electronic and print media. The number of contestants to be selected will be 50 and each of them will have their pictures and profile displayed on all our social media platforms for members of the public to choose through a transparent and co-ordinated voting process that will prune down the number to 20. These chosen 20 contestants will be the ones to compete for who becomes the winner of the Ada Di Igbo Nma pageant. The contestants will camp together for a period of 10 days in a host city where they will engage in a lot of activities and tasks arranged by the organizers which will be used to score each of them. Some of these activities will include compatibility and ability to work as a team,dressing in Igbo attires,cultural knowledge and traditional dance amongst others. Awards will be presented to winners of Most Friendly Housemate and Most Hardworking Housemate as chosen by all contestants in the house. Both winners automatically qualify for the second elimination stage. The 18 other contestant will face a question and answer session with the event anchor after which the public will eliminate 10 of them. The 8 contestants left will join the other 2 in the final contest Both elimination processes and grand finale will be aired on national television. The grand finale will see the 10 contestants go through a series of question and answer sessions as well as a fashion parade. 5 contestants will then be eliminated by judges after which the other 5 will be assessed again before a winner emerges

  • Contestant 16Contestant 16
    Talents : Acting,Brand ambassador
  • Contestant 15Contestant 15
  • Contestant 14Contestant 14
  • Contestant 13Contestant 13
  • Contestant 12Contestant 12
  • Contestant 11Contestant 11
  • Contestant 17Contestant 17
  • Contestant 18Contestant 18
  • Contestant 19Contestant 19
  • Contestant 20Contestant 20
  • Contestant 21Contestant 21
  • Contestant 22Contestant 22
  • Contestant 23Contestant 23
  • Contestant 24Contestant 24
  • Contestant 25Contestant 25
  • Contestant 26Contestant 26
  • Contestant 27Contestant 27
  • Contestant 28Contestant 28
  • Contestant 29Contestant 29
  • Contestant 30Contestant 30
  • Contestant 31Contestant 31
  • Contestant 32Contestant 32
  • Contestant 33Contestant 33
  • Contestant 34Contestant 34
  • Contestant 35Contestant 35
  • Contestant 36Contestant 36
  • Contestant 37Contestant 37
  • Contestant 38Contestant 38
  • Contestant 39Contestant 39
  • Contestant 40Contestant 40
  • Contestant 41Contestant 41
  • Contestant 42Contestant 42
  • Contestant 43Contestant 43
  • Contestant 44Contestant 44
  • Contestant 45Contestant 45
  • Contestant 46Contestant 46
  • Contestant 47Contestant 47
  • Contestant 48Contestant 48
  • Contestant 49Contestant 49
  • Contestant 50Contestant 50