Ada Di Igbo Nma pageant will restore Igbo culture and values amongst Ada-Igbos.

The forthcoming Ada Di Igbo Nma pageant is not all about beauty but brains, intelligence and knowing our Igbo cultural values. Speaking last week, the Publicist/PRO of Ada Di Igbo Nma Pageant organized by EVENTPLUS ENT CONCEPT LTD, Mrs Ogueri gave insight to the pageant and its vision.

Q- Why are you organizing this competition inlight of all the negative news that abound about pageantry in Nigeria at the moment? 

A- You will agree with me that this is a difficult time to embark on a project of this nature considering how battered the image of pageantry and the loss of faith in most of its organizers, infact it’s at an all time low. We have come in to help address a lot of these anomaly in pageantry as well as restore image and trust in the system.

Q- How are you going to achieve this? 
A- It is not going to be easy bearing in mind what most people feel is now the norm in the pageant industry. -that a contestant needs to fraternize with an or the organizers to win and that the prize monies will not be paid at the end. So it’s a problem but we are ready to solve it. First of all, the processes leading up to the crowning of our winner will be credible and transparent; we intend to make the process merit-oriented. All contestants will be judged fairly and equally at all stages of the competition.  We are also going to stay true to our word, all prize monies will be paid in full. We intend to keep to every promise we made to the contestants as well as the general public.
Q- What more can you do to restore the faith and trust of the girls/ladies willing to be a part of your contest?

A- We first of all keep all our promising to the contestants as I mentioned earlier. Just last week a lady vying for the ‘Face of Ada Di Igbo Nma’ asked me if we were certain about paying the 200k prize money and I was initially taken aback, but on second thoughts I realized she had made a point, most pageants these days don’t keep to their promise as regards the prize money announced. I assured her that with what we have in place, we will honour each and every commitment made to our contestants. This contest will go a long way in restoring the dignity of womanhood in the Nigeria pageant industry as it will not in anyway exploit or take advantage of the vulnerability of any contestant. This will be a platform for them to fulfill their dreams and also help in some way to empower their families.


Q- Isn’t this too much burden on your Organisation?

A- Of course not. We knew the the task ahead of us and we are totally prepared for it. An experienced team of professional from the entertainment and management sector has been assembled by our Organisation to put together this project that will see us crown our maiden queen. The team has already hit the ground running and very soon you all we see the result.
Q- Who is eligible to contest? 

A- As the name implies, the Ada Di Igbo Nma pageant is exclusively open to girls/ladies of Igbo speaking origin. The girls/ladies must be between the ages of 18 to 27. This contest is not only going to be about beauty alone, emphasis will also be placed on each contestant ability to speak and read in Igbo language ,their knowledge of Igbo culture, places etc, ability also to dress well in Igbo attires, poise, grace and elegance as well as carriage. This contest will accommodate girls/ladies of all sizes, shapes, complexion and height, there will be no discrimination. Part of the aim of our competition is to help keep alive the Igbo culture in our youth and young ones as well as encourage the speaking of the Igbo dialect.
Q- Does it mean that the contestants and judges will only speak the Igbo language? 

A- Not really, but it will be to the benefit of all contestants to come well prepared having in mind that this is an Igbo oriented pageant and therefore should expect anything in that regard.


Q- When are the auditions and how much is the entry forms? 

A- The auditions will begin in the later part of April. We will have an opinion poll on our website for the public to play a part in determining the cities we will be using for the auditions. We are looking at the FCT, Lagos, Abuja, Owerri, Awka and Enugu. However the opinion poll will help us add or subtract to the above mentioned cities. We want to make it as easy as possible for all girls/ladies who want to participate. On your second question in regards to the entry forms, the forms will be free. Each prospective contestant simply needs to go to any of the audition venues, pick up the form, fill it out with a passport photo attached, return it as they appear before a panel that will assess them. Successful applicants will be notified either through a mail or via a phone call. All successful applicants will have their names published on all our social media platforms


Q- Does your Organisation intend to make any profit from this competition considering all your offering including not collecting money for forms that has become a practice with pageantry?

A- The primary objective and intent of the organizers is not about money or profit, it’s about helping our youth to achieve their dream, some of the girls in our contest will have their lives transformed, some will be pushed into the limelight of fame and fortune, some will be stars. We want to encourage girls/ladies to be proud of their culture and heritage; we want to bring decency and morality back to the pageant industry. That is our focus and the profit angle is only secondary.

Q- Lets talk about credibility and transparency that you have talked so much about? Explain about how you intend to do this? 

A- Good question I have to say. Credibility and transparency are the hallmark of this our contest. This contest could be best described as a contest of the people by the people. The general public will participate fully in all stages of the voting process that will determine our eventual winner. The Winner will ultimately be the people winner. As earlier said, all promises made to both contestant and the public will be met, there will be no ‘backhand business’ in any of our dealing. The emergence of our winner will be genuine and based on merit. That is why we have partnered with various sponsors who share in our vision on the need to ensure a credible contest devoid of controversy. We intend not only to win over the confidence of the contestants but also the public as well
Q-How often will this contest take place? 

A- It is billed to be an annual event /pageant and God willing that will be achieved. In the coming weeks ahead we will be disclosing our media partners for this contest including a notable TV broadcasting station as we intend to air the contest live.